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Christina Jackson
Perioperative Nurse
Northern, Alberta

Christina is a young woman and mother from a small town in northern Alberta. Her greatest role model was her Grandmother who was the epitome of unconditional love. Christina has always had the desire and innate ability to care for people. She was raised alongside her uncle with down syndrome, and through him, she learned compassion, empathy and acceptance. 8 years ago she was blessed with her son, Lennon who was born visually impaired.

He inspired her to follow her lifelong dream to become a nurse. When she is done her schooling she would love to work with people with disabilities or she would love to work as a perioperative nurse. Maybe do both! The sky is the limit!

Crystal F. Cardinal
High Prairie

After I obtain my Early Learning Childcare diploma I will open up an Aboriginal Headstart for preschool children. I will provide quality care and exceptional learning for all areas of development to create future successful generations. Once accomplished, I will continue to achieve my Bachelor of Education and open up a youth center. I also want to raise awareness by speaking of my history of abuse, trauma and addiction. I will use my past to inspire people that addiction can be overcome, and success can be within reach. I want to prove, anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Jordan Russell

"My name is Jordan, and I am currently working towards a certification in Power Engineering, aiming towards a career in oil & gas, plant operations, or working in the health sector as maintenance and boiler control once my schooling is complete. I am a mother to a 4-year-old little girl and I’m a woman of many passions and goals who brings as much joy and love into peoples lives as I possibly can. I aim to show others and my daughter that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and overcome obstacles that may cross your path."

Randi Janzen

When I began my social work program, I had a goal of working with families and helping them through the tougher times life can bring a person’s way. I have since realized that I want to focus on helping survivors of abuse. As a student with a 4.5 GPA, I feel I am taking the most out of the education being provided to me. I am grateful for the information I have gained throughout my learning. It has opened my eyes to the good that we can each add to this world.

When I have completed my course, my goal is to open a program that services both immediate and long-term needs for families leaving a hostile circumstance. This service will both duplicate a need being serviced, alongside adding to communities needs not yet being met. With the award I am receiving on behalf of the Soroptimist Foundation of Canada, I will truly be able to work at living my dream.

Lori Wolff
Slave Lake

My goal is to be a competent registered Social Worker who can effectively help empower people experiencing hardships in their life and guide them to the resources they need to survive and thrive. It can be devastating, hard to cope and difficult to function in your daily life when you live year after year in an oppressive situation, especially with children involved.

I have empathy for those who must start their life over again with absolutely nothing to their name. I strive to support and advocate for policy changes for those who do not have a voice.

Sonja Stone

Having grown up in poverty and an abusive environment both at home and in my community, and also spending my adulthood experiencing personal and systemic violence of all kinds, I have learned to cope in many complicated ways. Above all, I have been successful in using those coping strategies to heal and build a life of stability and increasing wellness. I am now working to use my significant life experience and growing education in social work to create a healing centre which will incorporate land back principles of truth and reconciliation with recovery from a full range of social problems, including but not limited to addictions, racism, homophobia, sexism, domestic violence, and poverty

Paige White
Addictions Counselling Program

Paige is currently enrolled in the Addictions Counselling program at CDI College in Calgary. Upon completion of her degree, Paige will be pursuing a career working closely with families who are being affected by addiction. Paige has witnessed this experience first-hand as her late husband was an addict for over 6 years and eventually passed away in 2017 leaving her behind with their 2 little girls. This motivated Paige to seek help and change for herself so that one day she would be able to help others facing the same battle. Paige’s late husband went to many different treatment centers for help, and after a year of voluntary treatment, he was released.

However, because there had been no counselling or support for Paige to prepare her for when he got out, the cycle began to slowly start over before she knew what was going on. Paige has a heart for change and is bringing awareness to the holes in the system that desperately need to be patched in order for treatment to be more successful for all those involved. This passion drives her to influence change on a daily basis. As a single mom of 2, Paige’s dedication to her schooling is a direct reflection of her drive and empathy to help others. There are no excuses for not pursuing what you’re passionate about!

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