Donor Recognition

Individual Donations

The Soroptimist Foundation of Canada endowment fund is built primarily by member donations or Club donations and bequests. Since 1963 we have been building our endowment fund one donation at a time. In over 50 years, the Endowment Fund has grown to over two million dollars.

A Red Pin awarded to recognize individual members whose cumulative donations have reached $500, and a Silver Pin recognizes cumulative donation amounts totaling $1000, and the Gold Pin recognizes $2500. For some members these milestone pins are reached in a relatively short period of time. For other members they represent several years of faithful donations. We thank you all for supporting the education of women in Canada.

In 2021 we introduced new donor recognition pins!

Club Donations

A recognition program is in place to recognize annual Club donations. Club Star Award Certificates are awarded for donations of $100 and over. Clubs donating $100 – $200 receive a Red Certificate. Clubs donating $201 – $500 receive a Bronze Certificate. Clubs donating $501 – $1000 receive a Silver Certificate. Clubs donating $1001 – $2000 receive a Gold Certificate. And clubs donating $2001 and over receive a Platinum Certificate.

These are the clubs we recognized at the 2023 AGM.

Red Star Award ($100-$200)

SI Calgary
SI Vancouver

Silver Star Award ($501-$1,000)

SI Courtenay
SI North & West Vancouver
SI Tri-Cities

Gold Star Award ($1,001+)

SI Abbotsford-Mission
SI Peterborough
SI Thunder Bay


Canadian Soroptimist members often mention our Foundation in their wills. We have recently received a substantial bequest from a member who wished to remain anonymous.

This very generous gift was enough to push our Endowment Fund over $2 Million!