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To make a donation, click on the above button, fill out the attached form, enclose it with a cheque to the address indicated. Or,

Go Direct....for your convenience, have your donation directly deposited monthly, quarterly, or annually; form attached.

Thank You!!!

A tax receipt will be returned to you with our Thank You note. You will be part of a dynamic group initiating positive change for Canadian women.

Mail to: Soroptimist Foundation of Canada
Treasurer, Margot Rutherford
981 Fitzgerald Ave,.
Courtenay BC
V9N 2R6
E-Mail: treasurer@soroptimistfoundation.ca

Maple Leaf Recognition Program

The Soroptimist Foundation of Canada endowment fund is built primarily by member donations or Club donations. Since 1963 we have been building our endowment fund a cheque at a time…..in these 45 years the fund has grown to one million dollars….that’s a lot of $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 cheques! But, one piece at a time, it has indeed grown.

From the top, the Red Pin is awarded to recognize individual members whose cumulative donations have reached $500.00 plus, the Silver Pin is added to recognize cumulative donation amounts totalling $1000.00 plus, and the Gold Pin to recognize $2500.00 plus. For some members these milestone pins are reached in a relatively short period of time. For other members they represent several years of faithful donations. Hence, there is a bonding, all pins are worn with pride in each other.

Club Recognitions...similarly, a recognition program is in place to recognize annual Club donations. Club Star Award Certificates are awarded for donations $2001 and over…a Platinum Certificate; for donations $1001 to $2000…a Gold Certificate; $501 to $1000…Silver; $201 to $500…Bronze; and $100 to $200 a Red Certificate.

Make A Donation Today!!!

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Applications and this page last revised 01/2008.

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